Visiting Artist: Louisa Fairclough

                                                   Louise Fairclough:

            ” Absolute Pitch, Relaxed Awquade, I Wish I Was a Stone”

Raphael - Awkward Relaxed 2

“Relax, Awquade”

I Wish I Could Be A Stone, performed by Rochester Cathedral Choristers on Whitstable Beach, August 2014

“I Wish I Could Be a Stone”

Absolute Pitch II, installation view 5

“Absolute Pitch”

As our first visiting artist it’s fair to say that the talk given by Louisa was beyond interesting; the talk she gave and the work she presented was utterly captivating. The talk began with somewhat of a performance, where Louisa stood at the front of the full lecture theatre and chanted:

 “what shall I do, do with my hands, what shall, shall I do, do with my hands, do with my hands what shall I , shall I do, do with my hands, shall I do, do what shall, what shall I do, do with my hands, do with my hands what shall”

It was all very abrupt and quite strange to start with but she had us hooked from then on. Louisa’s work stems simply from the pages of her sister old and never before seen sketchbooks; it’s I suppose it is  to some extent appropriate to point out that the sketchbooks that her work is derived from are of that of her deceased sister. I feel that this gives the her work a slightly haunting feeling to it, in the scenes that the drawings and poems from her sisters sketchbooks are that of the thoughts and feelings that she felt in her darkest times; which are not normally shared with the out side world. Her work seems to be that of  a grieving proses, almost as if a proses of healing is taking place through the work, and intern by showing us the healing can begin.

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