“Internal monologue with oneself at a conscious and semi-conscious level”

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“Internal monologue, also known as inner voice, internal speech, or verbal stream of consciousness is thinking in words. It also refers to the semi-constant internal monologue one has with oneself at a conscious or semi-conscious level”

Logged documentation of my Inner Monologue through out periods of  conscious and semi-conscious states:

17:42 – their are 36 people on the lower deck of the bus  and presumable 47 on the upper deck as it is full and the top houses 47, so at least 83 people travelling together yet not a single word is exchanged between the passengers. All of whom, like myself, are all probably engaged in their own inner conversation/ monologue; discussing the events of the day or talking through the list of shopping they need to pick up on their way home.

19:37 – Why must we waste time eating food, I hate eating! I wonder how much of my life I have wasted just sat eating? If we left half an hour for breakfast and 1 hour for lunch and dinner that’s 2 and a half hours of just sat eating a day, that’s 17 and a half hours a week which equates to 6,387.05 hours a year just of eating! In that time I could have circumnavigated  navigated the planet 29 times! Defiantly food for thought ( pardon the pun)

02:06 – The ticking of a clock seems to penetrate my every thought, with its constant “ticking” and “tocking”, like a pestering child egger for attention.

03:14 – If I go down to do my washing now the laundry room will be empty, thus resulting in no awquade and unwanted human interaction. The worst off all interactions.

“The Genius of Internal Monologue” :interesting paper on inner monologue.


(to be continued, under construction)

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