Cinema16 – British short films

British Short films

In my recent work I am currently looking in to film and video footage, and wanted to try and build up a body of Video artists as research and reference. I was particularly interested in looking at artists who worked with creating narratives.

Cinema 16 – British short films was ideal for this, with artists such as Brian Percival, Lynne Ramsay and Jim Gillespie along with many more, all of which for me embodied that sense of narrative.

I very much fell for the styling’s of Brian Percival’s short film: “About a Girl”, everything from the way in which it was shot, to the early faded quality of the film and to the way the story was narrated and told through the eyes of an adolescent.

Another film that much like Percival’s “About a Girl” narrates a situation in great artistic fashion yet in a completely auxiliary way, Simon Ellis’s short film: “Telling Lie’s” was told in an unexpected form and ingenious way, with both sound meeting animated captions, he invites the viewers to conclude and deduce the truth behind the sound tracks lies.


(to be continued)


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