“Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing” – Albert Einstein


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“PAID” (Image of Club stamp) Medium: Black & White DSLR “The Works of Charlotte-Emily”

“Thought of the day”

We pay with our time by working all our lives to sustain an existence which is mealy an existence of serving to continue  paying with our time and continue an existence much like those that have gone before us and that will follow after. Every one in life must pay their way, to live, to procreate, to die! The cost of payment no longer stops with our death, not only must we pay for our bodies to be disposed off but we have to pay for a plot of ground in which we are to be interned, on a spiritual level  we must pay for our sins in the after life, and once we egress from this mortal coil our family are left to pay for the loss and pain of our departure .

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