” Your father wont be at all happy “

film still 123
Stills from my most recent film, “Your father wont be at all happy” filmed through the face of a clock.


This is one of my recent films entitled “Your father wont be at all happy”. It is to be part of a a bigger piece, an installation of a collection/ archive of my films. They are all based on my inner monologue and are all filmed through the face of this clock.

“A Clock With No Time”

A clock to me is a domesticated object, we look at it many times a day, and yet never give it much thought. This I am sure is how every one feels at some point or another, that their seen by others but never given much acknowledgement, so for that reason the clock plays a significant roll.

Firstly the clocks internal parts were removed and the hand detached from the face of the clock revealing these three holes. I thin fixed my camera (video) inside ensuring that the lens was facing out of one of the three hole.

I then mealy left the clock lying about to see what it would captured, the results were quite interesting especially when it captured unsuspecting passers by, however the videos where I am in them such as the video below of me was more of a performance as I knew the camera was their.

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