cinema – a theatre where films are shown for public entertainment – “I was weaned on a diet of Hollywood fantasy” – the production of films as an art or industry.

Projection of my film “Confined” onto abandoned cinema at Stratford. “The Works of Charlotte-Emily”

This is an image of my film “Confined” being projected onto an abandoned  cinema in Stratford. The derelict building use to house “The Relax Cinema”, in 1896 originally before the building  was a cinema it was an opera house. However the building has now been been abandoned and has lied derelict for over 20 year. I liked the Location and the fact that it was an abandoned cinema, with it off the main road and tucked away it really just fit the criteria of what I was looking for in a building.

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Projection of my film “Confined” onto the ceiling of Eltham coronet cinema – “The Works of Charlotte-Emily”

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