“for one living shell, how many dead ones are there! For one inhabited shell, how many are empty! – Gaston Bachelard

Projection of one of my films “Your father wont be at all happy…” on to the windows of an abandoned property – “The Works of Charlotte-Emily”

This was really just an experiment , playing around with concepts and ideas. I was interested in trying to fabricate what was on the inside (inner -monologue , emotions & spacial memories)  into films and then project  them onto the exterior of a pre-existing shell like structure (abandoned buildings/ houses ect ).

I liked the idea of concentrating the subject matter (the films) onto certain selected areas of abandoned structures, in this case the area in question was the windows. I think I was attracted to the windows as they reminded me of eyes. “Eyes are the windows to the soul” in this case I suppose this is very true as windows are the only way of seeing what is on the inside from the outside.

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